Compensation Plan - Overview

The beauty of the MLM business model is built on the philosophy that you can only succeed by helping others to succeed. If you roll up your sleeves and truly go to work helping others reach their goals and dream, then you can't help but benefit. Its one of the most fundamental axioms in life: you will get out of anything exactly proportional to that which you put in.

The AlkaViva UltraPay compensation plan is honest and easy to grasp. Beyond the plan, our ethical stand and "secret tactic" is transparent: you have to work if you want to make money. The good news is that if you do, you will be nicely rewarded. Better yet, if you work hard, and help others to succeed, then you can write your own ticket. Just like in any business.

Four Income Streams

Direct Sales Commissions and Overrides
Royalties and Coded Bonuses

Easy to Understand

Cash on your sales & overrides on your team
One volume type powers Royalties and Codes

Fast Upfront Money

We challenge you to find a more lucrative
FastStart in the industry. Or anywhere!

Fair Rank Advancements

Don't lose your Volume each month! Volume
cumulatively adds up over twelve rolling months

Long Term Wealth Building

Build a large team and Royalties on your generations
plus Coded Bonuses will help you earn DEEP!