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Change your water, change your life

Change Your Water - Change Your Life (Version 2)

This is the new updated version of a book by Dr. Dave Carpenter that is a great source of information about the benefits of alkaline water. There is also a chapter defining what goes into creating the best water ionizer.

Includes Dr. Carpenter's story about how he discovered ionized water in Japan and testimonials. Great introduction for people who are not familiar with alkaline water, the benefits from alkalizing the body and water technology.

This book is a must read for those who are looking for the key to perfect health. Dr. Dave Carpenter teaches us in this brilliant, easy to understand book about the life giving water we should be drinking in order to live long and empowered lives.

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Alkalize or Die book

Alkalize or Die - Theodore Baroody (Soft Cover)

Alkalize or Die is an eye opening self-help book that carries an important message with one simple principle --ALKALIZE YOURSELF! Discover what causes tissue acid wastes in the body and how to prevent maladies using foods that create alkalinity. Alkalize or Die includes a 21-day menu planner, 55 recipes, fold out acid alkaline/acid food combining chart, and over 350 foods with their alkaline/acid values. Health food stores rave about it. Used as a teaching tool by health groups around the world.

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Discover DVDs

UltraWater - Truth Revealed DVD (10 Pack)

This DVD presentation is an easy way to introduce people to the concept of alkaline, ionized water. It contains customer testimonials, professional advise, and lots of easy to understand information.

Also available, UltraWater - Truth Revealed DVD (100 Pack) for $150.00 buy now

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pH Chart

AlkaViva pH Color Chart (Laminated)

8-1/2" x 11" Laminated pH Chart.

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