AlkaVivaTM Key Management

Key Management USA

Jay Hare

Jay Hare

Visionary Director & Director of Connection

As an owner and founding partner, Jay has served the company as President and CEO since its launch in 2007. He has guided the company successfully through startup, the initial growth curve, its merger with its parent company and now its transition to the new AlkaViva products and brand. He brings 25 years of business management experience, the last 20 years in executive level positions, and 20 years of sales and marketing experience to the AlkaViva team. Prior to founding the company, Jay served as the Executive Vice President for the company, responsible for marketing our products world-wide (excluding Asia).

Jay offers AlkaViva visionary guidance, a complete grasp of the water market and an unparalleled understanding of the emerging world market for ionization technology and its varied applications. His expertise has been earned by his experience developing various segments of the ionization market encompassing residential and commercial product lines.

He passionately believes that the only path to success is through helping others be successful.

Jay lives with his wife Vajra, their two sons Ramsey and Jackie and daughter Pema in Reno. He is an avid and enthusiastic father, skier, cyclist and outdoorsman.

Sylvie Moonjay

Sylvie Moonjay

Director of Integrity

Sylvie Moonjay was born in France where she studied to become a medical doctor for 3 years. She then discovered that nature had a lot to teach her and a passion for health guided Sylvie, in 1973, to create an organic farm where she raised her 2 children. She then practiced holistic healing on Maui for 20 years.

Sylvie loves drinking water, doing Yoga with lots of breathing and exercising. She also loves green vegetables and dark chocolate.

Co-starting our company on Maui was a life changing experience.

Sylvie believes in the power of service and is dedicated to helping Alkaviva be a positive example in the industry. She loves making things right and beautiful and helping create an experience of support and care for our customers and dealers. It is important to her that we are in integrity with who we say we are!

She also loves to think outside the “corporate box” and believes in the power of our team working together for the greater good of Alkaviva.

Jay Hare

David Forsyth

Director of Corporate Consciousness

Along with Jay Hare and Sylvie Moonjay, David Forsyth is an owner and founding partner.

David has enjoyed seeing AlkaViva grow over the past 13+ years from a solar-powered garage in upcountry Maui to a solid Corporation in Reno with its own manufacturing division.

The challenge in growing is to keep the focus on improving the customer experience while not getting lost in administrative duties. David believes that his role in helping others help themselves, through having clean and healthy water, has been a sacred gift that demands compassion, care and integrity.

David's three adult children live in Australia, where he was born before moving to the USA to be with his partner Sylvie Moonjay. He loves adventures in nature and travelling to exotic, remote places. For his 60th birthday he spent 6 weeks trekking through Nepal and the Himalayas.

Vajra Farnsworth

Vajra Farnsworth

Director of Inspiration

Vajra considers herself to be blessed to have grown up in a family that instilled in her the firm belief that a body in balance can heal itself and that higher consciousness – or faith – can make a dramatic impact on our health.

She brings a 20+ year history as healer, health coach, yoga teacher and entrepreneur. She has owned and operated two businesses of her own where she taught and inspired clients to transform through a simple yet effective combination of internal cleansing, healthy nutritional habits and dynamic physical practices.

Vajra believes that the power of possibility is the foundation of inspiration and change. She is committed to transformation. As a co-owner of AlkaViva, she is the lightning rod of inspiration to our team, to provide excellence in everything we do and offer in our products and services.


Vajra loves practicing yoga, exploring possibility, laughing and helping others. She is the loving and dedicated parent with her husband Jay to their sons Ramsey and Jackie and her daughter Pema. They live in the high desert of the Sierra Tahoe mountains just south of Reno.

Alex Stone

Alexanne Stone

Director of Communications

Alexanne Stone started her career in Silicon Valley selling Apple computers in the early days (the Lisa was her first sale) and remained in high-tech sales for over 20 years. Finishing up her sales career as Vice President of Global Sales for a software firm in Santa Clara, Alexanne moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan to be near family. In Grand Rapids Alexanne was the non-profit Director of a medical professional emergency response training organization under the Office of the Surgeon General and Homeland Security for the next 5 years.

Missing the west coast weather, Alexanne decided to connect with friends in the Reno area and has been a fan ever since. Joining AlkaViva as a customer service representative in December 2012, Alexanne quickly showed her skills with both organization and people. She has been the Director of Communications for a year now with a versatility that enables AlkaViva to utilize her talents precisely where needed as we continue to expand.

A decorated Vietnam-era veteran, Alexanne has also been a trainer in Neuro-linguistic Programming for over 20 years. Also an accomplished artist, Alexanne's work includes oils, watercolor, colored pencil, charcoal, and moulage.

Alex Jitloff

Alex Jitloff

Chief Financial Officer

Alex Jitloff joined the AlkaViva team in 2009 and brings 30 years of accounting, finance and operations experience to us. He is a graduate of San Jose State University with a Bachelor of Science with emphasis in accounting.

Alex has held senior financial positions with public and private companies primarily in the high tech, manufacturing sector. Most recently he was the Director of Finance, CFO at Hamilton Company with group revenues of $100M. He was responsible for the group’s global accounting and finance functions. Alex was also the Controller and Chief Accounting Officer of a Silicon Valley, magnetic media start-up that grew to $48M in four years at which time it was taken public.

Alex has extensive experience in business planning and analysis, business plan development, budgeting, cost accounting, and financial reporting. He has developed and implemented cash management tools, negotiated credit facilities and managed treasury activities. Alex has significant international experience including an expatriate assignment in the U.K. He has assisted in foreign manufacturing site selection and has established legal entities in Europe. Additionally, he has managed H.R., I.S., Planning, Purchasing and Contracts organizations.

Alex lives in Reno with his wife Pam and is an avid cyclist and skier the father of three sons and a proud grand parent.

Julie DiNapoli

Julie DiNapoli

Director of Operations

Julie came to AlkaViva in March 2010 after spending 16 years in the Financial Industry overseeing Operations.

Julie began her career in 1994 as the lead trader for a mid-sized asset management firm in Incline Village, NV. In addition to her roles as CFO and Vice President of Operations, she has held various FINRA (formerly NASD) licenses; she is currently a Series 65 licensed compliance officer.

Julie graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor's Degree in Finance from Providence College in Providence, RI and she is originally from Albany, NY.

Julie has 3 children, Taylor, Colby and Drew and a husband of 13 years, Jason. She enjoys boating, skiing and cheering her daughters cheerleading team.

Key Management - Australia/ New Zealand

Gayel Marquet

Gayel Marquet

CEO, AlkaViva Australia/ New Zealand

Gayel Marquet has promoted and lectured in the health and nutrition lifestyle industry for the last 15 years. Gayel's background as a Staff Sergeant in the New Zealand army, has trained her be a natural leader in many proactive, quality of life movements. Her passion for health is infectious and she is a natural born "connector and supporter" of people. Gayel understands how successful businesses can improve individual lives and is dedicated to everyone's success. Her business savvy combined with Patterson's medical and scientific knowledge, give solid leadership to the Lands Down Under.

Patterson Stark

Patterson Stark

Managing Director, AlkaViva Australia/ New Zealand

Since the mid 1970's Patterson has been a proponent of the "alkaline lifestyle" and has been at the forefront of therapeutic nutrition. As a longevity authority, he has researched, authored and lectured internationally. In 2008 Patterson "discovered" the existence of alkaline, ionized water and began learning in earnest about the effects of this water on the human body. Following three trips (over a two year period) to the AlkaViva headquarters in Reno, Patterson partnered with Gayel Marquet to bring AlkaViva to Australia and New Zealand. Starkhealth Limited, Live Now - Die Later, Starkhealth and Stark Publications all promote AlkaViva products as foundational to a healthy lifestyle.