Ultra Spartan Ionizer Shield
  Protection for You and Your Ionizer

The Ultra Spartan Shield provides you with the highest quality and greatest tasting water in areas where your water is excessively hard. At the same time you are protecting your investment in your ionizer/ H2 generator. The Spartan is a unique, proprietary combination of 7 stages of filtering, designed to work in areas of poor water quality. Rated for 1,000 gallons.

Water quality varies greatly from place to place, often within the same city or geographical area. There is no one-size-fits-all water product. Any ionizer, H2 generator or water product, will perform differently and have a different expected lifespan in soft, average or hard water situations. The cleaning systems on all ionizers are designed to clean only the electrodes inside your water cell.

In hard water areas, the Ultra Spartan helps to protect the other parts of your ionizer or H2 generator, such as hoses and valves, that are still open to damaging scale buildup.

The Ultra Spartan offers you: a solution in areas where your potable water is too hard to work well with any water filtration device. It will help eliminate virtually all of your drinking water concerns while giving you great tasting and healthy water.

The Ultra Spartan can be installed before your ionizer, either above or below your counter. The Ultra Spartan's filtration system consists of the filter, an inline external housing (that houses the filter), a filter housing wrench and tubing. The quick connect fittings make this a snap to install.

spartan ionizer shield

The Ultra Spartan overcomes the downsides of traditional Reverse Osmosis systems by offering a great flow rate, having no tank pressure to maintain and doing all this without creating a drop of waste water. The effective life is entirely dependent on the qualities found in your source water. Simply put, the more particles in your water, the more quickly the media will expire - just like any filter or media. Because water quality and personal preference varies, timely replacement of this cartridge is up to the individual. This filter can last from one month to one year.

Let's look at the Ultra Spartan filtration system and how many stages, or barriers to contamination, it offers.

Spartan Media:

Stage 1:  We start with a 1-micron barrier.
Stage 2: Then, we add a stage of KDF 85, which addresses concerns for iron, hydrogen sulfides, and manganese contamination. It also helps reduce chlorine and chloramines. This stage also conditions the water in two important ways. It changes the scaling calcium into a non-scaling form that helps protect your ionizer and it optimizes the pH into the range that increases effectiveness of the next media in removing fluoride.
Stage 3:  Is a 1-micron barrier.
Stage 4:  We now add a stage of high grade carbon that is very effective at reducing chlorine, VOCs, disinfectant byproducts such as trihalomethanes and also improves water taste and clarity.
Stage 5:  Is a 1-micron barrier.
Stage 6:  A special mix of NSF certified, anti-scale, media is added to help prevent nuisance metals in the water supply (iron, manganese, calcium, magnesium) from sticking to surfaces. This mix can also improve the quality of water in the distribution system by removing existing scale deposits plus discourages microbial film formation/regrowth.
Stage 7:  The last stage is another 1-micron barrier.

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