AlkaVivaTM Ultrawater Filter Technology

AlkaViva UltraRAD Total Radiation Filter

AlkaViva's UltraRAD technology was originally designed to remove radioactive ions from drinking water in Japan after the devastating Fukushima disaster. This custom cartridge is engineered using a proprietary blend of powerful media that work synergistically to significantly reduce all major forms of radioactive ions. It does an impressive job with a host of other undesirable contaminants including suspended solids, heavy metals such as chromium VI plus chlorine and organics.

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  How does UltraRAD work?

UltraRAD contains only NSF certified media and components. The proprietary formulation includes specialty media used by the nuclear power industry to reduce radioactive ions.

First, UltraRAD pre-filters to create effective adsorption of chlorine, iodine-131 and organics. Then the water flows through a very fine bed of media with a high degree of microporosity, making it highly effective in significantly reducing cesium-137, radium-226 and strontium-90. The next bed contains a unique mixture of beads that have been functionalized to reduce any residual cesium-137, iodine-131 or strontium-90. UltraRAD then post-filters and polishes the taste with purified granular activated carbon.

  What will the UltraRAD Significantly Reduce?

Iodine -131

Organic compounds
Pharmaceutical residuals

Ionic contaminants
Hexavalent Chromium

Suspended Materials
Algae and Molds

  How long will UltraRAD last?

Manufacturer's recommendations are to replace after 4 months (based on a household use of approximately three gallons a day), or after 360 gallons, whichever comes first. Optional in-line flow meters (that measure amount of water used) can also be purchased.
Please Note: This filter will not last for 360 gallons if used with very hard water (above 500 ppm TDS). Please contact Customer Service for advice on pre-treatment options.

 How do I dispose of an expired UltraRAD cartridge?

The isotopes and other contaminants are retained within the filter cartridge and require no special handling. Expired UltraRAD filters should be disposed of like any other disposable filter replacement.

 How do I install and use UltraRAD?

The UltraRAD filter fits easily into a single filter external housing and can be installed in either on your countertop or under-the-counter out of sight. It will also fit into any standard ten-inch double or triple filter external housing.

The UltraRAD filter does not require a minimum amount of water pressure. This lends to being adapted for a gravity flow system that doesn't rely on electricity.