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(For Single Filter Ionizers)

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have an ionizer with one filter (ie: Venus, Melody, UltraDelphi), please choose this R/O System.

More and more people are beginning to consider that the "perfect water" system would combine the purity of Reverse Osmosis (RO) and the tremendous benefits provided by alkaline, ionized water. Historically, this has not been easily achieved for a variety of reasons.

The experts at AlkaViva have solved the problem of combining these two phenomenal water technologies. Now you can have perfectly clean and perfectly healthy water! (Rated for 1000 gals)

To keep your RO System functioning at an optimum level, its filters need to be changed annually. Additionally, the RO Membrane needs to be replaced every two years.

Dimensions of RO:
Tank: Height (including stand and valve): 17" - Diameter: 12" - Tank Size: 5 Gallons
RO Module: Height: 18" - Width: 15" - Depth: 5"

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