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Package for R/O

To keep your R/O System functioning at an optimum level, its filters need to be changed annually. (Rated for 1,000 gals)

Note: Not for use with H2 Series machines

The AlkaViva R/O Annual Replacement Package includes a Sediment Filter (Filter #1), a Carbon Block Filter (Filter #2), an Inline Re-mineralizing Filter (Filter #4), and a Taste & Odor Filter (Filter #6).

Parts included in the annual RO replacement package:
  • Sediment Filter (Filter #1)
  • Carbon Block Filter (Filter #2)
  • Inline Re-mineralizing filter (Filter #4)
  • Taste & Odor Filter (Filter #6)

Filter #3 is your RO membrane; it should be replaced every 2 years and may be purchased separately.

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