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Capacity: Up to 1,000 gallons
Intended for use outside of your AlkaViva water ionizer machine in conjunction with Reverse Osmosis or in extreme soft water areas. NOT FOR USE WITH HARD WATER.

In areas where there are low levels of naturally occurring minerals, or after a reverse osmosis system, extra minerals and trace elements are needed.
The water experts at AlkaViva have created systems and products to take advantage of the best of R/O - contaminant free water - by installing it as a pre-filter before the ionizer. 
  To make it possible to ionize "pure" water, AlkaViva has perfected re-mineralization technologies to add a healthy blend of inorganic and organic forms of calcium, magnesium and 70+ organic trace elements to the water before ionization. 
  Our unique re-mineralizer is a proprietary blend of organic and inorganic minerals that also provides over 70  trace elements.

A partial list of minerals/trace elements in the organic mineral source are:

 Beryllium  Calcium  Carbon  Cerium  Cesium
 Germanium Holmium  Magnesium  Molybedium  Neodymium
 Niobium  Osmium  Palladium  Potassium  Praseodymium
 Rhenium  Rhodium  Rubidium  Ruthenium  Samarium
 Scandium  Sodium  Stronium  Tantalum  Tellurium
 Terbium  Thallium  Vanadium  Yttrium  Zirconium

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