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Acupeds Detox Patches are a natural detoxification product designed to gently and effectively absorb heavy metal toxins from your body – at night while you sleep.

Detoxification of heavy metal toxicity helps return the body to its natural balance and may help prevent degenerative conditions, disease and premature aging by naturally boosting immunity and normal metabolic function. Acupeds are individual sachets a little larger than a tea bag, containing a formulation of herbs and Tourmaline. One sachet is placed on the sole of each foot with an adhesive strip like a large band-aid just before going to sleep. Upon waking the expired patch is removed. It’s an easy, gentle and effective way to detoxify. The all natural healing herbs are formulated through Chinese medical wisdom, experience and research, to draw toxins out gently and effectively. Approximately 10 million foot pads are used each month.

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