100 Effervescent Vitamin C Dechlorination Bath Tablets
  Designed to Neutralize Chlorine and Chloramines in your Bath

As you may know, chemicals in our shower water damage skin and hair and can pose other serious health risks.

  • Active ingredients are ascorbic acid, citric acid and sodium bicarbonate. 100% organic.
  • One AlkaViva effervescent tablet will neutralize 1 ppm chlorine and chloramines in 100 gallons of water.
  • Completely eliminates dry itchy skin caused by chlorine in your bath, hot tubs or spa.
  • Vitamin C turns free chlorine and chlorine by-products into a harmless compound.
  • As Vitabath dissolves, the vitamin C will become effervescent and begin to fizz.
  • Suggested use is one tablet (about $0.30) per bath. Great for a luxurious bath!
  • Made from 100% Pharmaceutical Grade Vitamin C. .
  • Vitamin C is useful in providing additional nutrients for skin and hair.
  • Improves lathering and sudsing.
  • Environmentally safe, and safe for infants, adults and pets.

alkaviva bath tablets