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Bigger is not Better

STOP and read something other than the hype that you read on many internet sites and consider these facts:

  1. Experts do not recommend drinking water over pH 9.5 – such as Dr. Theodore Baroody (author Alkalize or Die), Dr. Robert O. Young (The pH Miracle), Sang Wang (Reverse Aging) and the Korean FDA plus Japanese Ministry of Health.
  2. Naturally occurring alkaline and ionized water is NOT generally over pH 9 nor does it have artificially high – ORP. We know – we went to Vilcabamba, Ecuador to meet with the people in the Valley of Longevity and tested their water. You can see this in our documentary DVD on our trip!
  3. Almost all alkaline water drinkers surveyed say they do not drink water that is over pH 9.5 - they do not enjoy the taste!
  4. Technology always gets smaller in size as it evolves – not bigger - can you think of a product that gets bigger as the electronics evolve (think cell phones, laptop computers, televisions, stereos, etc.)?
  5. Emco Tech has developed super efficient compact cells that outperform the larger cells with more plates. Watch the video on the USA EPA certified lab test comparing different ionizer brands here.
  6. The USA based Tennant Company selected Emco Tech cells for their superior performance and reliability after spending over $200,000 testing manufacturers’ cells. See their award winning echo2 cleaning machines here
  7. Larger cells mean that you may get an oversized ionizer. Always be aware of ionizer dimensions before buying.
  8. Bigger plates use more watts and amps, but do not have the available voltage to deliver it efficiently because the plate size is so much bigger it adds resistance – over four times the resistance. The larger plates require a faster flow of electrons but operate with less predictability and efficiency. This actually creates more stress on the plating causing degradation over time.

What Should we Focus On?

  1. How contaminant free is your alkaline ionized water? The “bigger is better” conversation completely ignores filtration – crucial for healthy water. AlkaViva is the only company that offers USA made filters that are capable of removing 99.9% of virtually all contaminants.
    Read more here.
  2. Durability – ionizer performance over time. Water has minerals which will build up on the plates over time and reduce performance. Emco Tech cleaning systems have a 1:1 cleaning ratio (others are 15:1 or worse!) and are the most advanced in the industry, virtually eliminating scale on the plates. Read more here.
  3. Where do the plates and cells come from? There are many poor quality ionizers with oversized, old-technology cells on the market that come from China and other parts of Asia so buyer beware. All AlkaViva electrodes are manufactured in Japan. Read more here.
  4. Who is the manufacturer? Our manufacturer Emco Tech has been making ionizers for companies such as Hyundai, Samsung, LG and Toyo for over 30 years.
  5. Buy from the experts. AlkaViva (in all its evolving forms) is the oldest ionizer company in the USA. We are the only company with WQA certified water specialists on staff and an A+ ranking with the BBB. We have watched many companies come and go – leaving their customers high and dry on replacement filters and warranty service.
  6. What are the policies of the USA distribution company? AlkaViva was the first company to offer 5 years warranty and now limited life time warranty on their ionizers. Also compare our satisfaction and return policies to other companies. We lead and others follow.
  7. What certification do the ionizers have? AlkaViva was the USA first importer to have its filters made in the USA using 100% NSF certified components and to be certified to UL standards for its ionizers (this ensures that our ionizers have been shown as safe to use under existing USA and Canadian conditions). There are also a number of other certifications including one for Emco Tech having an ISO 14001 Environmental Management Certificate. See certificates here.
Buying an ionizer is a serious investment.
DO NOT be misled by marketing hyperbole that is slickly packaged by crafty web developers on attractive websites!

Click the links above and educate yourself – bigger isn’t better. We hope the information above will help make the best possible choice for you, your friends and family. And please be very cautious about comparison sites that claim (and look) to be making independent comparisons of different brands. Most are “shill” sites that pay top dollar for paid clicks in the search engines. They recommend their own particular brand or brands.

  • Higher wattage and more plates do not create better results than the more technologically advanced Emco Tech cells.
    Read about plate power here
  • Higher power creates more stress on the plates. More power means more heat, which means the platinum plating breaks down faster on the surface of the electrode. This equals poor performance over time and shorter cell life.
  • More cells and larger plates lead to an increase in EMF radiation, heat, wattage use and cell burn.
    AlkaViva ionizers operate so efficiently, they use 1/3 the power which is 1/3 the EMF.

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