H2 tablets

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers by Club Hydrate with technical input from Tyler LeBaron,

Why is it so important to fill my container all the way leaving no space when I make H2Viva?

H2Viva creates molecular hydrogen, which is a gas, so it wants to escape. When making H2Viva, we want the hydrogen gas driven into the water, so when we drink it, the H2 can do its magic in your body. So, if you leave air, guess where it goes? It goes into the headspace and the not the water. It is not a bad idea to actually fill it so that it very slightly overflows the top. So if you want maximum benefit, fill ‘er up! All the way!

What size / Type of container is best for making H2Viva?

There are definitely some things to look for when selecting a bottle to use for making your H2Viva.

Container Size: It is best to make H2Viva in a 16 ounce bottle. You can go larger, but you’ll just have to drink more!

Type: First and foremost, the bottle needs to be airtight. Any bottle that is made to hold carbonation is best; Glass Kombucha, Perrier or other sparkling water bottles work well. Screw-top aluminum also works. We have heard that due to its chemistry, aluminum optimizes the reaction somehow. The higher grades of stainless are fine, as is glass. Plastic works but will not provide optimum results and have all the same concerns associated with plastics. Of all considerations, being airtight is most important.

Is there a difference between waiting 5 minutes and 20 minutes?

Assuming you have done everything else properly, typically the longer you wait, the more H2 is produced. So you will get more benefit!

Can I let H2Viva process for more than 20 minutes?

Again, assuming you have done everything else properly, typically the longer you wait, the more H2 is produced. So it is perfectly fine to allow H2Viva, to process for more than 20 minutes. Many people like to prepare the bottle the night before and then drink it in the morning. All things being equal, the concentration of hydrogen is likely higher; although if you are using a cheap single-use PET plastic bottle, the H2 will dissipate.

Can I add flavor to H2Viva?

Yes! In fact we recommend it! Lemon or essential oils like citrus or cinnamon are wonderful ways to add some pizazz. However, DO NOT add any flavoring agent at the beginning when making your hydrogen water, use only the water and the tablet per the instructions. Anything else will upset the delicate chemistry that takes place. Once the hydrogen reaction is complete (15-20 mins) and your water is at full saturation, you can add flavoring and enjoy!

What is the black residue at the bottom of my container?

The black residue is simply magnesium that was not used up during the processing. It adheres like scaling calcium in hard water. It is harmless. It can be easily cleaned. It is easiest to clean after you have consumed your H2Viva by simply scrubbing it with a good brush. If you allow it to build up it becomes more difficult and we recommend softening it with some vinegar or something acidic and then scrubbing.

Are the minerals in H2Viva organic or inorganic?

To address this question in the detail would require a few pages, but here is as brief as we can make it.
The fact is, all minerals are inorganic. The very definition of organic means that it contains carbon. Magnesium, Carbon, Oxygen and Hydrogen are all elements. Their respective chemical formulae are Mg, C, O and H. These elements can combine together to form molecules, such as sugar, with the chemical formula C6H12O6. Because this molecule of sugar has carbon, it is organic. Carbon is the building block of life. All living things are made out of carbon. Carbon is what makes up amino acids, and fats. Notice that water is H2O, so water itself is inorganic. Minerals found in food are often associated (chelated) with organic compounds like acids (e.g. citric acid, fumaric acid, malic acid, etc.), fats, and amino acids. Depending on the type of mineral (alkaline minerals, or transition metals), the interaction with these organic compounds may increase or decrease the bioavailability and absorption. They may alter the transport binding affinity, redox state of the metal, and interactions with other biomolecules.

Generally minerals (not metals where absorption is protein/redox-dependent) are best, and in many cases only, absorbed in their free cation state. In other words it is the inorganic form (magnesium ions) that are absorbed.Rest assured, the magnesium found in the water after it reacted is bioavailable, and easily absorbed and utilized by the cells. It is only a fraction of the DRI, and so there is no significant risk of using a few – or even more – tablets per day.

Are there any contraindications from ingesting H2?


Can you overdose on H2?

No. In fact some studies regarding specific disease models indicated that with H2, more is actually better. Any excess H2 simply escapes as a gas.

So if the H2Viva tablets produce high levels of H2, then is "more better"?

There are studies of some specific disease models that indicate that with H2, more is actually better.

What is the cost per dose and the suggested dose per day?

H2Viva tablets cost $1 per dose and the recommended daily dose is 2 tablets per day – one in the morning and one in the afternoon/early evening. The bottle is 60 tablets or a one-month supply.

Can I get the same benefit from food grade hydrogen peroxide?

While popular in some health circles for many things from sterilizing drinking water to reputed therapeutic benefits for specific ailments, food grade hydrogen peroxide [H2O2] has no similarity to dissolved molecular hydrogen [H2]. Hydrogen peroxide is a strong oxidizer and is used as a bleaching agent and disinfectant. Molecular hydrogen [H2] is a reducing agent/anti-oxidant.

Can H2Viva make you feel nausea?

If people are feeling sick in conjunction with H2Viva, it is much more likely to be a correlation and not causation. Regardless, there is no risk of toxicity by ingesting the small amount of magnesium. In fact it is good. Hydrogen gas is void of toxicity at levels significantly higher than what the tablet provides. Hydrogen doesn't build up in the body, and any excess is just breathed out by the lungs. In some people, hydrogen gas appears to help alleviate constipation and may even promote loose stools, which can be considered a cleansing effect, which can produce symptoms including nausea.

Are H2Viva tablets explosive or combustible?


Do H2Viva tablets micro-cluster the water?


What are the ingredients in H2Viva Tabs?

A proprietary patent pending hydrogen formula. Other ingredients are magnesium, magnesium malate, magnesium fumarate 50mg. 10%.Mannitol, magnesium malate, magnesium, magnesium fumarate, malic acid, fumaric acid.

Questions related to Water Ionizers and other H2 Products

Are there any studies on the H2Viva tablets?

No direct studies on the product – yet! However it is important to say that of the available research, approximately 75%-78% was performed with hydrogen (H2) saturated water. H2-Viva is the only tablet available that produces H2 saturated water! Check out Molecular Hydrogen Institute for more info.

Does my water ionizer make molecular hydrogen?

Yes. Water ionizers produce H2-rich water through electrolysis. At the cathode, H+ ions are converted to H2 hydrogen gas. The decrease in H+ ions results in a more alkaline pH. Most home water ionizers produce about 0.1 – 0.3ppm of H2 at pH9.5. Higher pH levels are typically not palatable, but higher H2 concentrations are possible when flow rate is reduced. The good news is that we have tested water from the top AlkaViva models, the Vesta and Athena, and they tested very effective for producing H2!

Is –ORP the same thing as molecular hydrogen?

No. The Oxidation-Reduction Potential can be indicative of the presence of molecular hydrogen, but it is not a measurement of the concentration. You can have –ORP without molecular hydrogen.

Any correlation with H2, pH and ORP?

Not any direct correlation. You can have high pH and –ORP with without any H2. Conversely you can have strong –ORP with a high saturation level of H2, and you can also have high pH without any –ORP or H2. The tablets produce H2 directly and they also increase pH and –ORP.

How do H2Viva tablets and water from my ionizer compare?

Most home water ionizers produce about 0.1 – 0.3ppm of molecular hydrogen at pH of 9.5. The tablets can produce up to 4ppm. This method achieves concentration of molecular hydrogen at near saturation (1.6 ppm). This concentration makes it possible to ingest a greater quantity of molecular hydrogen without consuming large quantities of water, [1 liter vs 10 liters]. The tablets are suggested as a supplement to be used twice daily. Ionized water can still be consumed throughout the day – in fact we think this is the optimum approach!

Can I use water from my ionizer with H2Viva tablets?

Yes. You will theoretically achieve higher concentrations of H2 if electrically ionized water is used, however you will also achieve higher pH levels. While there is research that shows with H2 “more is better”, higher pH levels are typically not palatable.

Why H2Viva? How does it compare?

In answering this you have to look no further than the research. Approximately 75% -78% of the research was conducted with water saturated with molecular hydrogen gas (H2). H2Viva tablets are the only product available that super-saturate your water with H2 gas. They are easy to use, affordable, fast acting, portable and produce the highest H concentration of any product available.

What about ingestible H2 tablets?

There are two products on the market. SevenPoint2’s 7.2 Recovery with HydroFX and PrimoH2. These appear to be the same product branded differently. Anecdotal evidence suggests some benefit however:

  • Again, its smart to look at the research. Only two papers are published on ingestible tablets - both performed on athletes.
  • Further, the oral tablets have a very low solubility. If you drop one into water - see how slowly they react. Even by placing it an acidic solution (like pure vinegar) to mimic a gastric environment, the solubility is still relatively low indicating it may take a couple of hours to get all the H2 from an oral.
  • Lastly, an oral mimics the production of H2 from intestinal bacteria, which produces a slow and continuous exposure. One study1 showed that a continuous H2 exposure from bacterial production was not effective for the Parkinson’s disease model, while intermittent H2 exposure from drinking H2 rich water was effective. H2Viva tablets create an intermittent exposure.
  • Note: The Sevenpoint2 product also promotes pH and –ORP in the marketing. When comparatively tested using 500ml of water, H2Viva tablets can produce up to 4x the amount of H2, and also produce great pH and –ORP.

What about products that claim the benefits of hydrogen bonded to silica?

The two products of this nature on the market to date are Source Naturals HydrogenBoost and Dr Patrick Flanagan’s MegaHydrate – which appear to be a similar product branded differently.

  • Again, it’s smart to look at the research. To date there is not a single paper published on this type of hydrogen delivery method.
  • These products are supplements, which essentially provide a source of negatively charged hydrogen ions bound to silica. Consuming a hydrogen ion – regardless of what it is bound to - is a totally different thing than consuming water saturated with H2 gas. The only thing in common here is the word hydrogen. H2Viva tablets are the only product available that super-saturate your water with H2 gas.

What about Hydrogen Sticks?

There are a number of hydrogen sticks available on the market. Hydrogen sticks produce H2 gas.

  • Performance is best when the stick is new and degrades over time.
  • It has been reported that a new stick, using purified water with a mildly acidic pH and waiting approximately 30 minutes or longer can produce saturation levels over 1.5ppm.
  • How long the stick can consistently produce that level of performance has not been determined, nor is there data on exactly how long you have to wait for the reaction to produce it. Clearly longer wait times are required.
  • The beauty of H2Viva tablets is they produce a consistent saturation level at approximately twice that of a new stick in half the time. They are more powerful, more consistent, work faster. Every time and any place you have potable water!