H2 Series Filter Options - Vesta H2, Athena H2 and Melody II
athena filter
Please Note: The Prefilter always goes on the RIGHT side as you are facing your ionizer.
Filter Combination Options
  • H2 UltraWater Replacement Package

    H2 filters

    Pre-filter + UltraWater

    $199.90   Package Discount
    $189.90    buy now
  • H2 Series UltraWater Fluoride Replacement Package
    H2 4 filter set

    UltraWater + 2 Fluoride Shields

    $289.00    buy now
  • H2 Series .01M UF/ Pre-Filter
    Replacement Package

    H2 filter 3 set

    Pre-filter + .01M UF Filter

    $189.90    buy now
Single Filter Options
  • H2 Series Prefilter

    H2 Series Prefilter

    $79.95    buy now
  • H2 Series UltraWater

    H2 Series UltraWater

    $119.95    buy now
  • H2 Series Fluoride Shield

    H2 Series Fluoride Shield

    $89.95    buy now
  • .01M UF Filter

    .01M UF Filter

    buy now
  • External Fluoride filter

    Ext. Fluoride Filter

    $89.95    buy now