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How does UltraWater achieve such extraordinary results?

UltraWater is a proprietary technology that utilizes the water industry's top performing media and manufacturing techniques together in a new powerful patent pending combination. Our patent position prohibits us from divulging the exact components and nature of the technology, however we can use a highly effective analogy: turbochargers.

Turbocharged Filtration

Turbochargers use the existing components of combustion - exhaust flow and cylinder explosion - and existing turbine and air pump technologies in a powerful new combination. So a turbocharged engine produces more power from each explosion in each cylinder than the same engine without. Higher efficiency and effectiveness equal better results.

Similarly, UltraWater uses top performing media and proven technology in a powerful new patent pending combination. This combination effectively "turbocharges" the media used, allowing performance at a much higher efficiency, with greatly improved results. As water is run through the turbocharged UltraWater filtration, the naturally occurring beneficial minerals are left intact. This allows for AlkaViva's UltraWater electric range to produce electric ionization.

Just like some of the world's best- known sources of super high quality water, believed to possess healing potential, AlkaViva's UltraWater pHD Products (non electric) are passively ionized. Water's well known solvent properties means that it can dissolve, over time, almost anything it comes into contact with. As water passes through our excusive passive ionization technology containing beneficial minerals and mineral complexes, each is either dissolved or reacts with the water.

Ultra clean UltraWater is then turbocharged a second time adding the unique properties of increased pH and -ORP (or antioxidant potential). While multiple beneficial minerals are dissolved, it chiefly infuses magnesium which has been shown to be best taken up in water rather than food.

So regardless of which AlkaViva water product you choose, ultraclean and effective UltraWater is the best answer!

AlkaViva also has prefilters to handle any excess amounts of contaminants including iron, nitrates, hydrogen sulfide, e-coli, cysts and radioactive particles.

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